Lovely kind comments…….

Thank you all for your lovely kind comments yesterday with the scary bunnies. On Tuesday after I did my housework, I set about finding another bunny pattern and sewing some more bunnies. I found this pattern for a Snuggle Bunny and I love it. They are so cute, and best of all I made them all with flannel I had on hand. The poor bunny on the left's nose is upside down!!
Daughter-in-law gets together with some friends who have children all a similar age, so I'll drop over all the bunnies to her for the babies.
I then decided to make Liam a small messenger bag. He is now starting to put things in and out of containers, so thought that the bag would help him with his dexterity. I put one of the regular children's messenger bag next to his to show how much smaller his is. There is a little velcro dot to fasten it.
Then I decided to tackle another of Carla's Slimline Wallets. I had a little bit of fabric leftover from my slingalong bag. I decided to use a piece of black/blue linen I had on hand for the outside. I love this one.

All in all I had a good day. Got housework done, found time to sew and then the sun actually came out later in the day!!!الخبر منشور أولا فى الموقع يتبع الرابط اعلاه

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