I have been neglecting my blog recently.

Why? I have been busy with this and that, mainly the Facebook shop. I have to say it has been a success so far; BUT you never know how long that success will last, or when your next order will come in.
I booked a craft show at a parent and teachers evening in October. It cost me $30 for the table……..oh and you have to bring your own table….LOL I figured $30 wasn't a lot of outlay and I am quite confident I will sell $30 worth of stuff to cover the cost. However, who knows?
If anyone has done craft shows, any do's and don't would be greatly appreciated.
I actually got a little bit of sewing done for me this week. I made our grandson a bunny when he was born. Then made two more …………..who can forget scary bunny!! He has chewed that one to death, as it's a favourite!! I made him another, along with one for the chiropodist's newborn and one for the grands cousin. I am thinking about adding them to the shop?

I then made a couple of passport holders out of cork for dh and I. I will be making more for the shop and selling those at $15 each.
Just finished another custom order today for an I-Pad/Tablet holder. Lots of pockets in it and very sturdy.
Taking a class tomorrow on hand stitching quilts, which I have NO interest in, but I want to pick up some tips and tricks about the hand stitching, so I can incorporate that into my work I do in the shop. Will be back with show and tell after the class!! Have a good one……..الخبر منشور أولا فى الموقع يتبع الرابط اعلاه

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