54 Times Cosplayers Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone By How Real Their Cosplay Was

So far, human cloning seems like an X file for Mulder & Scully to solve. There are some cosplayers, however, who pay so much attention to detail, they start looking like genetically identical copies of the people they're portraying. Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the most unbelievable times cosplay got too real, and it will fool your eyes.

From The Office's Dwight Schrute to Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow, these impersonations look just like the actual characters themselves. Of course, sharing a similar appearance helps, but all of these cosplayers don't limit themselves to just abusing it. They study mannerisms, facial expressions, everything that brings them closer to becoming a perfect doppelganger. Scroll down to check out the ghostly doubles and vote for your favorites!

#1 Best Russel From Up Cosplay Ever#2 Nurse Joker Cosplay

Image credits: j0be

#3 Wonder Woman From DC Comics Cosplay By Alyson Tabbitha

Image credits: alysontabbitha

#4 A Friend Of Mine Won A Dwight Schrute Look-Alike Contest A While Back

Image credits: tensoreveryday

#5 Edward Scissorhands Cosplay

Image credits: alysontabbitha

#6 Tyrion Lannister Cosplay

Image credits: Lenin Tadeo Rodriguez

#7 Hermione Cosplay

Image credits: maresclop

#8 Jon Snow, Is That You? My Buddy Nailed It

Image credits: Rhihard

#9 Jim Hopper Cosplay From Stranger Things Season 3

Image credits: jacathinker

#10 Oswald Cobblepot Cosplay

Image credits: Proteon

#11 Wolverine At Comic Con Russia. Yes This Is A Cosplay

Image credits: D___N

#12 Courage The Cowardly Dog

Image credits: JavaReallySucks

#13 Terminator#14 This Was The Best Cosplay At Comic Con

Image credits: Altover

#15 Amazing Jay And Silent Bob Cosplay I Saw At Work

Image credits: Top4King

#16 Saw This Amazingly Simple And Uncanny Marty McFly Cosplay At NYCC

Image credits: gibbler

#17 Margaery Tyrell Cosplay By Xenia Shelkovskaya

Image credits: m_mellu

#18 Leeloo From Fifth Element Cosplay By Alyson Tabbitha

Image credits: alysontabbitha

#19 April Gloria As Taylor Swift For Christmas

Image credits: april_gloria

#20 Best Rick Grimes Cosplay I've Seen So Far

Image credits: Xplict91

#21 Patrick Bateman From American Psycho For Halloween

Image credits: Sparked94

#22 Lebowski Cosplay

Image credits: JM2845

#23 Harley Quinn Cosplay By Laura Gilbert

Image credits: infamousbylaura

#24 Katniss From Hunger Games Lookalike Cosplay

Image credits: taszebenyi

#25 Jemima Khan As Melania Trump At Unicef UK Halloween Ball

Image credits: David M. Benett

#26 This Jack Sparrow Cosplay#27 Barack Obama

Image credits: lookalikes

#28 Wednesday Addams Cosplay

Image credits: Sladkoslava

#29 Pulp Fiction Cosplay

Image credits: juleshollywood

#30 Mr. Spock From Star Trek At Montreal Comiccon

Image credits: geeksaresexy

#31 My Luke Skywalker Cosplay From New York Comic Con

Image credits: oldmasterluke

#32 Elsa Cosplay By Anna Faith

Image credits: annafaithxoxo

#33 A Friend Of Mine Does Cosplay As Robert Baratheon. He Ran Into Another Cosplayer Today. I Think They Both Nailed It

Image credits: wheeliejuice

#34 Luke And Leia Cosplay

Image credits: oldmasterluke

#35 Best Harry Potter Cosplay

Image credits: lookslikeron

#36 Ron Burgundy Cosplay

Image credits: ronburgundy3

#37 Just Got My Contacts For My No One Cosplay So I Decided To Do A Quick Costest

Image credits: kokirikid

#38 Mad Hatter Lookalike Jonty

Image credits: Jonty

#39 Picard From Star Trek Cosplay By Giles Aston

Image credits: jeanlucpicard

#40 This Petyr Baelish Cosplay From SDCC

Image credits: deitery

#41 Nicky Nichols From Orange Is The New Black Cosplay

Image credits: humpasauruscosplay

#42 Dumb And Dumber Cosplay#43 Mr. T Of The A-Team Cosplay

Image credits: Michael Blackmon

#44 Mad-Eye Moody Cosplay

Image credits: emoposer

#45 Tony Stark From The Iron Man Trilogy Films And The Avengers Movie#46 Samuel L. Jackson

Image credits: SurreaL 88

#47 Best Cosplay Seen Today At Tampa Bay Comiccon

Image credits: TKEWill

#48 I Raise You My King In The North Cosplay

Image credits: A-Haircut

#49 I See Your King Of The North And Margaery Tyrell Cosplays, And Raise You The Red Viper

Image credits: AndyValentine

#50 Spot On Nichols Cosplay At Manchester Comic Con

Image credits: Magalabungalaho

#51 Daenerys Targaryen From Game Of Thrones By Mikodoescosplay

Image credits: MikoDoesCosplay

#52 So I Found This Rick Grimes Cosplay At Metrocon

Image credits: ajtpak

#53 Madonna Cosplay

Image credits: NurPhoto

#54 Mulder, It's Me

Image credits: obeliscolychny

#55 Tomb Raider

Image credits: summakeup

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