Seth Rollins On Discovering The Brother And Sister He Never Knew He Had

Imagine being a regular person, and learning one day that you have a long-lost brother who’s a top champion in WWE and regarded by some as the best wrestler in the world. For that matter, imagine being that champion, going about your wrestling life with your glamorous wrestling champion fiancée, getting ready to have two matches at Clash of Champions, and then learning one day that there’s a whole branch of your family that you’ve never met before!

That’s apparently what happened to WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, who posted on Twitter that he only recently discovered a brother and sister he never knew about.

In a wild turn of events, I recently found out I have a brother (and sister, not pictured) I never knew existed! Thank you @23andMe for bringing people together. Life is a crazy, awesome thing and we are all insanely lucky to get to experience it.

— Seth Rollins (@WWERollins) September 11, 2019

Obviously the exact working of Seth Rollins’ family tree aren’t really anyone’s business, but he did mention in an a 2015 interview that his real-life last name, Lopez, comes from his Mexican American stepfather who helped raise him, whereas his biological father is Armenian. So it seems likely that his newly discovered siblings come from his birth father’s side of the family.

What I want to know is whether his brother and sister followed wrestling before this. I can’t quite decide if it would be weirder to know who Seth Rollins is and then learn he’s your brother, or to learn you have a brother you never knew about, and then to find out that he’s famous to a whole segment of the population.

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