Students Are Shaming Their Schools On These 80 Terrible Design Choices

School. It's somewhere we all have to go, whether we like it or not. They could at least make it a pleasant place to be, couldn't they? Well not really, no. Most public schools are formulaic, functional places that hardly make students want to be there, let alone inspire creativity and the joy of learning.
With budgets being further slashed under conservative governments in the U.S. and UK, the situation in these countries at least isn't looking up. Not only are students and teachers dealing with boring, dilapidated buildings and classrooms, but many also have to live with shortages of basic materials too, prompting teachers to leave the profession en masse. So much for caring about the next generation!

Bored Panda has collected a list of examples of school designers either taking shortcuts, not caring or needing to go back to school themselves. From thoughtless toilet placements to hilariously offensive murals, these students can at least have a wry chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all.

Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 This School Bus Ad

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So we've seen the consequences of bad design, so what makes for good design? There are a few basic principles to stick to if you want to make sure your design is practical, relevant and makes sense!

According to Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer who was responsible for the design of Braun’s consumer products for many years, there are 10 principles of good design, also known as the '10 commandments.' Even though they were written long ago and technology has advanced beyond his wildest dreams, Dieter's principles still apply today!

#2 New Statue At A Catholic School

Image credits: Carmineld91

#3 Interesting Take For A School Quote

Image credits: Windows_10_Faggot

Furniture designers Vitsoe have worked closely with Dieter Rams for decades, and helpfully summarize his founding principles of good design with the following explanations:

Good design is innovative The possibilities for innovation are not, by any means, exhausted. Technological development is always offering new opportunities for innovative design. But innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology, and can never be an end in itself.

Good design makes a product useful: A product is bought to be used. It has to satisfy certain criteria, not only functional, but also psychological and aesthetic. Good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it.

Good design is aesthetic: The aesthetic quality of a product is integral to its usefulness because products we use every day affect our person and our well-being. But only well-executed objects can be beautiful.

#4 The Absolute Crap Design Of My School. This Is The Place Where Every Hallway Intersects

Image credits: LuigiSaysKachow

#5 This School Just Renovated The Toilets At Their Gym

Image credits: 15min

Good design makes a product understandable: It clarifies the product’s structure. Better still, it can make the product talk. At best, it is self-explanatory.

Good design is unobtrusive: Products fulfilling a purpose are like tools. They are neither decorative objects nor works of art. Their design should therefore be both neutral and restrained, to leave room for the user’s self-expression.

Good design is honest: It does not make a product more innovative, powerful or valuable than it really is. It does not attempt to manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept.

#6 Being Helpful For The Blind

Image credits: Bodkin2005

#7 "A Man Plowing A Field" On A Local School Building

Image credits: JohhnyTheKid

Good design is thorough down to the last detail: Nothing must be arbitrary or left to chance. Care and accuracy in the design process show respect towards the user.

Good design is environmentally-friendly: Design makes an important contribution to the preservation of the environment. It conserves resources and minimizes physical and visual pollution throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Good design is as little design as possible: Less, but better – because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.

So three you have it, pretty simple right? If you are tasked with designing something and want to avoid the hilarious mistakes found in this list, check these principles off first and you should succeed!

#8 It's Even More Fascinating When This Shit Happens In A Design School

Image credits: raynehk14

#9 The Way My School Installed The New Projector

Image credits: Triomat

#10 My School Locker Can’t Even Fit My Backpack Because Of Those Shelves

Image credits: zucclivan

#11 Hangers At School…

Image credits: imsoskyhigh

#12 High School Gym In Pontiac, Mi. There Are No Words…

Image credits: NeverSeenSandlot

#13 The Pie Graph In My School's Newspaper

Image credits: Man_Flute

#14 German School

Image credits: iitopsii

#15 Seen At My School

Image credits: alonelybagel

#16 This Graph In A High School Year Book

Image credits: SmoobBlob

#17 Front Door Of A Middle School

Image credits: SharedHappiness

#18 My Schools Attempt At Being Multicultural

Image credits: Magnetronbaguette

#19 Our School Has Fantastic Fans

Image credits: Kokudko

#20 My School Has This Mini Park Inside It But No One Can Get Inside

Image credits: KarlRex12

#21 One-Way Window Tint At School, So We Can't See Shooters, But They Can See Us

Image credits: himurakenshin87

#22 This Is On Our Wall In The School…

Image credits: danielthepilot_

#23 School My From Words Inspiring

Image credits: Molcomb

#24 The Wall Decoration At My High School, Red Is Supposed To Represent The Freshmen

Image credits: oofIV

#25 This Person In My School Book

Image credits: Sambo5303

#26 Extreme Entrance To School Gym

Image credits: Angelic_Phoenix

#27 The Mirror At The Men's Bathroom At My School

Image credits: Mexishould

#28 This Door In My School

Image credits: Unknown

#29 Stalls In School's Bathroom

Image credits: Shiawase__

#30 This Graph In My School's Yearbook…

Image credits: jazmine_carroll

#31 This Machine At My School Sound Painful

Image credits: Noahboathefoa

#32 These Signs Are All Around My School, Let's Sell Some Children!

Image credits: RapeMaster123

#33 There Is So Much Wrong With This Map At My School

Image credits: KramwithaK

#34 My Schools Fine Arts Department Had Some Interesting Stickers

Image credits: Hey_Look_Whats_That

#35 At First Glance, The White Lettering On This Pride Poster At My High School Blends In With The Yellow Background. Changes The Meaning Drastically

Image credits: DJSalmonsloth

#36 My Friend's New Locker Has A Huge Pipe Running Through It

Image credits: Time2DoStuffCiaran

#37 "High School"

Image credits:

#38 This Wrestling Painting At A High School

Image credits: positiveParadox

#39 The Design School I Graduated From Sent This Postcard Out

Image credits: edrini

#40 Off Centre, Misspelled, Hard To See Road Markings At A Local School

Image credits: ReverendPickleChips

#41 The Pamphlet For My School's Special Needs Program

Image credits: JesseW625

#42 This Sign At My School

Image credits: SupYoPeople

#43 Found At My School

Image credits: nicktheflick

#44 This Ticket Gate At My School

Image credits: Sofia1682

#45 There Are Several Of These At My School And I Am Unlucky Enough To Be Right In The Corner

Image credits: klaus2506

#46 This Is What 2018-2019 Looks Like According To My School

Image credits: Gay_Reichskommissar

#47 My High School Science Departments Lights

Image credits: Domesniper

#48 Poster At My School. Lightbulb Looks Like A Noose

Image credits: 1158523

#49 Found This In My Schools Chill Room. I Dont Know What To Say

Image credits: Tenderfungal

#50 After My School Had A Fire Alarm (Planned) I Noticed This

Image credits: oyinad_is_yes

#51 The New Signs At My School Have Brail That Is Not Raised

Image credits: Tomwarz87

#52 My High School’s End Zone For Over 90 Years

Image credits: athinnes

#53 Our School Must Be The Crappiest Design I've Ever Seen!

Image credits: pixelguymm

#54 My School

Image credits: JIIPEEG

#55 Cover At My School That Is The Perfect Size To Not Cover The Benches

Image credits: CookieBiGirl

#56 My Schools Name Is “Analy”

Image credits: scotthikari

#57 (In My School Textbook) Coloured Bar Graph Displayed In Monochrome

Image credits: tamtam2005

#58 These Trash Cans At My School

Image credits: Helios330

#59 My School Decided To Use An Interesting Picture For Net Neutrality…

Image credits: DankerMemes666

#60 Found This Interesting Little Corridor To Nothing At My School

Image credits: aeife

#61 Stairs Leading To Nowhere At My School

Image credits: dogbreathTK

#62 The Unfortunate Overhead View Of My School's Library Desks

Image credits: expressdefrost

#63 Seen At My School, Not A Good Idea To Use Yellow On Yellow…

Image credits: GearedGamer

#64 This Sign For A Private Catholic School

Image credits: IntelWarrior

#65 This Photo In My School Yearbook

Image credits: Dodelidoodles

#66 The Shirt Of Our School Swim Team, The Message Makes Sense But It Sounds Like You Want Us To Kill Our Selves…

Image credits: JuuzouSuzuyaTG

#67 My High School Felt The Need To Install A Fence Separating The Student Parking Lot And The School. And To Block Off The Crosswalk

Image credits: LizzyRooREAL

#68 This Advertisment Posted At My School For An Event

Image credits: Luigi64128

#69 No Sharing Food Allergies In The School

Image credits: ETx13

#70 My School Bathroom

Image credits: bogus594

#71 Motivational Announcement Screen At My School

Image credits: c7hq

#72 The Crappy Toilet Roll Holders At My School

Image credits: Cheasy_Teats

#73 Emb Ra Ce Dive Rsit Y,e Xplo R Ethe W O Rl D! (Found Inside A High School's Hall)

Image credits: A_wheelbarrow

#74 These Stairs At My School

Image credits: lixdy88

#75 My Schools Urinals

Image credits: bghockey6

#76 My School

Image credits: ilmar18132

#77 My Schools Idea Of Eating Healthy

Image credits: Turtletank1223

#78 Well That's An Unfortunate Desk Design

Image credits: Todalooo

#79 So My School Decided They Needed New Wall Decorations

Image credits: PleaseDontFartHere

#80 This Sign At My Daughter's School

Image credits: tinsweep

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