Zion Williamson Broke A Golf Club During A Pelicans Team Outing

Zion Williamson is extremely strong. It’s one of the most fascinating aspects of his game — despite the fact that he’s awfully nimble for a human who stands 6’7 and weighs 285 pounds, Williamson’s ability to overpower opposing players made him nearly unguardable in college, and while the NBA has much stronger athletes, it stands to reason he will still be one of the more powerful athletes in the league.

But we still have a month or so until Williamson will get to show what he can do in NBA action, so instead, Zion has to show off his raw strength in other ways. He can accomplish this by, say, stepping onto a golf course for an event the New Orleans Pelicans are putting on. Looks fun!

The squad out enjoying a round of golf with #Pelicans Squad 6 Elite season tickets holders and corporate partners today! ⛳ pic.twitter.com/ydWsIikJwG

— New Orleans Pelicans (@PelicansNBA) September 13, 2019

As an aside, here’s Jaxson Hayes swinging a golf club, which has nothing to do with Williamson but made me laugh and I hope will make you laugh, too.

“I’m too tall” 😂

As we all can relate, it’s the club’s fault @hayes_jaxson pic.twitter.com/QCzMRWbrj1

— New Orleans Pelicans (@PelicansNBA) September 13, 2019

Now, back to the Zion portion of the program. Here is the ex-Duke star trying to hit a ball with an iron. The issue is that the head of the iron snapped off upon making contact with the ball.

“He literally broke the club!”

Grown. Man. Strength. 💪@Zionwilliamson pic.twitter.com/uRd3cV6WX6

— New Orleans Pelicans (@PelicansNBA) September 13, 2019

This happened to me once with my driver, but that was because I suck at golf and I kept making contact with the wrong part of the club. Williamson, meanwhile, is just really, really strong, and didn’t look like he did anything particularly special to lead to this break happening. It is strange that someone else would hand him another iron — he just broke one! — but there are folks who want to see Zion golf, and one broken club is not going to stop that.

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