Precision FDA — Free super computing power preloaded with applications!

Okay — I now have a PrecisionFDA account and I've just uploaded data to it, and I'm trying to reduce some spectra with RIDAR with it — and I have no idea why this is here, but I like it.
Disclaimer: Since this is an HHS US government thing it might be for US people only? But…I'm in Japan right now and I logged right in, even with the 2-factor identification thing.
You can go to PrecisionFDA here.
What do I know about it?
Well…they are the ones responsible for the CPTAC challenge to identify mislabled samples — so they're clearly the good guys. That was cool, even if the start and end of the challenge deadline made it clear they didn't expect anyone interested in participating had a job. Scientists tend to be busy people, yo. If you want them to volunteer for stuff and they see they have to start and complete in like 3 weeks, no one is going to take you up on it.
What else do I know about them? I just got a free account and uploaded data to their cluster. There are a bunch of tools there already but it currently looks like all dumb genome and transcriptome stuff, but if someone is going to let me run my tools on their power bill they're cool people in my book.

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Is a peptide quantitatively measurable? Here’s how you find out!

Okay....are you guys ready for this one? I wish I could say I was, but it's too important for us as a field to not think about.... Matrix matching? "Analytical figures of merit"?? Hey! This is the proteomics party, don't you come in here with all your boring analytical chemistry validation stuff....oh.....ugh...okay.... (Yes. I had to make that. You're welcome.) Why is this (study) important? In part because it addresses 2 separate concepts that need to be separated -- and they're right in the abstract: "....Our results demonstrate that increasing the number of detected peptides in a proteomics experiment does not necessarily result in increased numbers of peptides that can be measured quantitatively....." What? First of all, this study is like 4 pages or something and it represents an absurd amount of work. SRMs and DIA experiments (QE HF, I think) and a bunch of different HPLCs and the matrices are all sorts of fun -- CSF and FFPE and yeast digest and maybe I mi..