Purple — Pick unique peptides for viral (and other?) experiments from FASTA!

Hey you! Are you looking for a tool to help you select viral peptides for targeted assays?
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I got you, yo. Check this out.

Before you panic, when they wrote the paper "Purple" was just a Python script that you can get here. I assure you this is no longer the case. There is a very straight-forward (to install) executable that will set you up with a GUI that looks just like this —

that you can get here.
What does it do? Well, it helps you select peptides that are ideal for targeted assays from the databases you feed it. Imagine Picky, but you can load stuff that isn't human into it. (If you are doing human proteomics — you should be using Picky, btw. It's amazing).
Purple: Feed it your peptide sequences you're interested in: Feed it your contaminating background. Choose your rules. Get your peptides!

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UniProt has a page and resources set up for 2019-nCoV now!

A lot of people downloaded my ugly FASTA for 2019-nCoV after I posted it. UniProt has done their normal crazy meticulous job of assembling all the data and is a much better resource. You can check it all out here.