Is The Earth’s Magnetic Field About To Flip As It Did 42,000 Years Ago?

NPR: Ancient Trees Show When The Earth's Magnetic Field Last Flipped OutAncient Trees Show When The Earth's Magnetic Field Last Flipped Out
An ancient, well-preserved tree that was alive the last time the Earth's magnetic poles flipped has helped scientists pin down more precise timing of that event, which occurred about 42,000 years ago.
This new information has led them to link the flipping of the poles to key moments in the prehistoric record, like the sudden appearance of cave art and the mysterious extinction of large mammals and the Neanderthals.
They argue that the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field would have briefly transformed the world by altering its climate and allowing far more ultraviolet light to pour in.
WNU Editor: This is scary shit. But also fascinating to read about.
More News On the Possibility That The Earth's Magnetic Field Is About To Flip Again As It Did 42,000 Years Ago
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