A Look Inside Russia’s Doomsday Ballistic Missile Warning System

Warzone/The Drive: Take A Rare Look Inside Russia’s Doomsday Ballistic Missile Warning System
As Russia’s early warning network marks 50 years of service, one of its satellite control centers opened its doors.
The Russian Ministry of Defense posted a video to its various social media channels yesterday showing some of the inside workings of one of the country’s early warning facilities that watch for incoming ballistic missiles. The video appears to show the Serpukhov-15 satellite control center in Kaluga Oblast, around 90 miles southwest of Moscow, which was at the center of one of the Cold War’s most hair-raising incidents.
The video was posted online as Russia’s early warning network, designed to protect against ballistic missile attacks, celebrated its 50th anniversary. The organization that operates these systems, commonly referred to by its Russian acronym SPRN, marked the occasion in an appropriate style. The footage shows that it even apparently simulated an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) attack from the United States.
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