New Details Emerge On President Trump’s engagement With North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un

The summit in Hanoi in February 2019 did not go to plan
BBC: How Trump offered Kim a ride on Air Force One
President Trump's meetings with Kim Jong-un were among the most eye-catching moments of his presidency.
In the third and final episode of a new BBC series Trump Takes On the World, directed by Tim Stirzaker, we discover new details about how these summits came about, and speak to those who were in the room when the two men met.
What they saw stunned even the most seasoned diplomats – not least when Trump offered the North Korean dictator a lift home on Air Force One.
Trump's second summit with Kim Jong-un, in Hanoi, Vietnam, did not go to plan. As negotiations over North Korea's nuclear programme broke down, Trump left abruptly, saying to the press: "Sometimes you just have to walk." But before he departed, the then US president did make one astonishing offer to Kim.
WNU Editor: No one said this was going to be easy. But with President trump gone, there is no energy from Washington to push this forward.Original Article

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