NASA Shows Moment Its Rover Parachuted Onto Mars’ Dusty Surface In ‘Awe-Inspiring’ Video

Daily Mail: Inside Perseverance's 'seven minutes of terror': NASA shows moment its rover parachuted onto Mars' dusty surface in 'awe-inspiring' video and reveals haunting recording of Red Planet's breeze
* NASA has released the first video of a spacecraft landing on Mars that shows Perseverance's decent * The video begins with a black screen, but in seconds we see the massive parachute deploy from the craft * The shimmering heat shield is released that was designed to protect the rover in 12,000F temperatures * Viewers also get the first look of Perseverance's cameras capturing Mars as it soars down to the surface * Mars appears as a red, dusty planet that is littered with craters and higher altitude landscapes in the distance * The video also captured the dramatic sky crane maneuver that lowered the rover down using bridles * Also shared Monday was Perseverance's first panoramic pictures and audio of the Red Planet
The world received the first up-close look of a spacecraft landing on Mars in an 'awe inspiring' video beamed back to NASA by its 'most sophisticated' rover, Perseverance, which touched down on the Red Planet on Thursday.
The video begins with the violent release of the sonic parachute from the rover, along with ejection of the heat shield and shows the moment the sky crane maneuver is activated.
Perseverance is equipped with 25 cameras and two microphones that were all switched on during the $2.2billion rover's Thursday decent – the audio didn't record during the descent, but did survive the landing and captured audio of a Martian breeze two days after landing on the Red Planet.
WNU Editor: Incredible video on an incredible landing. Hearing a gust of wind on Mars (see video below) is also truly incredible.
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