Are These the High-Tech Combat Drones Of The Future?

Got me out here hunting Easter Eggs. Here goes:
* On the left: Prototype model for a UCAV system
* On the right: Early prototype for an innovative and disruptive airborne recovery system. Grows up to become Sparrowhawk.

— C. Mark Brinkley (@cmarkbrinkley) February 24, 2021

Warzone/The Drive: Check Out The Mystery Drone Model On The Desk Of This General Atomics Executive
This model, and another we could identify, provide a tantalizing glimpse into the company’s work on high-tech combat drones.
When it comes to unmanned aircraft, there is seemingly no shortage of new and cutting-edge projects and programs. As well as actual drones that are being built or tested, there are reams of studies, works in progress, and more hypothetical concepts in this game-changing arena. That said, once in a while, an artist’s study or model crops up which takes us somewhat by surprise. Case in point, a pair of desktop models in the office of a General Atomics Aeronautical Systems executive that Steve Trimble, Aviation Week’s Defense Editor and a friend of The War Zone, spotted today. The company later confirmed they show an undisclosed prototype combat drone and a precursor to the Sparrowhawk — a weapon-carrying air-launched drone, itself designed for launch from drones.
WNU Editor: Cannot tell much from the picture. But the drone model on the left looks interesting.Original Article

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