Did China Give US Diplomats Anal COVID Tests?

US media claimed that diplomats were made to undergo the tests
VICE: China Gave US Diplomats Anal COVID Tests ‘In Error,’ American Officials Say
The U.S. State Department says it is committed to preserving the “dignity” of American diplomats. The Chinese government has promised to stop using anal swabs on American diplomats to test for COVID-19 after Washington complained that the practice was undignified, the U.S. State Department said.
“The State Department never agreed to this kind of testing and protested directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when we learned that some staff were subject to it,” a State Department spokesperson told VICE World News on Wednesday.
Update: Beijing is reportedly subjecting U.S. diplomats to COVID-19 anal swabs (The WEEK)
WNU Editor: No way is this true. When I was in China working as a diplomat I would NEVER. I repeat NEVER put myself through such a test. Someone is being trolled. But the Chinese clearly feel uncomfortable. They are denying this story …. China denies requiring anal swabs from US diplomats (BBC). More here …. China denies requiring U.S. diplomats to take anal swab tests (Reuters).Original Article

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