Is A New U.S. Strategy On Its Massive Military Deployments Overseas Needed?

Kim Hjelmgaard, USA Today: 'A reckoning is near': America has a vast overseas military empire. Does it still need it?
The U.S. has enjoyed global military dominance for decades. But in the face of emerging threats, some say a new strategy is in order.
MANAMA, Bahrain – After weeks at sea, hundreds of young Americans shed their military uniforms for baseball caps and T-shirts and poured forth from the main gates of the heavily fortified U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet base, a major hub for U.S. naval forces in the Middle East.
The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln had just docked in Bahrain, a small Arab island nation on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf. The disembarking U.S. service members were intent on cutting loose for a respite from their national security mission patrolling one of the world's busiest and most volatile shipping lanes.
About 200 miles to the east, across a body of water that has seen many tense naval encounters and acts of sabotage, sat America's longtime adversary Iran. It was November 2019.
WNU Editor: This blog has been advocating for a debate on U.S. national security priorities and policies to justify its military programs and budgets. Unfortunately. I do not see that debate happening anytime soon.Original Article

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