Military And Intelligence News Briefs — February 24, 2021

Politico: Biden’s CIA pick vows to focus on a rising China
Countering China “is the biggest geopolitical test that we face,” the veteran diplomat told senators. CIA Director nominee William Burns said on Wednesday that, if confirmed by the Senate, competing with China and countering a “formidable authoritarian adversary” in Beijing would be the central focus of his tenure.
"Out-competing China will be key to our national security in the days ahead," Burns testified at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee.
“That will require a long-term clear-eyed bipartisan strategy underpinned by domestic renewal and solid intelligence.”
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — February 24, 2021
Biden CIA nominee Burns to focus on 'authoritarian adversary' China — Reuters
CIA nominee pledges to provide ‘unvarnished’ intelligence — AP
US Senate Armed Services chair expects 'some extension' of troops in Afghanistan — the Hill
Expensive, massive and lethal: The future of the aircraft carrier — CNBC
Lockheed has a new F-35 sustainment proposal for the Pentagon aimed at improving readiness — Defense News
F-35 costs, testing issues under fire as full-rate production decision nears — UPI
Lockheed, Government Negotiating New ‘Skinny’ F-35 Sustainment Deal — Air Force Magazine
The Air Force Wants a New Fighter To Fill In for the F-35 — SandBoxx
Air Force to begin assembly of airborne laser — C4ISRNet
B-2 Spirit: The Air Force’s Ultimate Weapon — Peter Suciu, 19FortyFive
Despite growing pains, KC-46 tanker will begin ‘limited operations’ — Defense News
US Air Force Tests Fires Minuteman 3 Ballistic Missile as Biden to Review Nuclear Update Plans — Sputnik
Minuteman III ICBM test launch hits its target, 4,200 miles away — UPI
Pentagon Looks to Tap 5G in Space — Defense One
US Army to test new microwave weapon for defeating drones — C4ISRNet
Pentagon chief underscores safety of COVID-19 vaccine amid some service members' refusal — The Hill
SecDef Austin to Troops: If You've Seen Extremism in the Ranks, Tell Your Commander —
Pentagon wades into political minefield in hunt for extremists — Politico
Lack of Pentagon nominees could be harbinger of slow process — Defense News
Top Senate Republican has 'serious concerns' over Pentagon policy pick — Politico
Guard response to Capitol riots wasn’t hurt by politics, officials insist — Military Times
New four-star command allows US general to ‘coordinate closely’ with NATO allies in Africa — Army Times
U.S. Navy ship visits Sudan in show of partnership — UPI
Rebuilding America’s Navy for Great-Power Competition — Brent D. Sadler, RCD
A Challenger Has Disappeared: Britain May Scrap Third of Its Tank Force to Upgrade the Rest — Sputnik
French Carrier Strike Group Begins 2021 Deployment — USNI News
Britain's GCHQ cyber spies embrace the AI revolution — Reuters
Reports: China's military training Hong Kong police on marching style — UPI
New START Treaty extension guarantees predictability in Russia-US relations, says Lavrov — TASS
Russia to start state trials of latest heavy flamethrower — TASS
Israeli Air Force Could Soon Have More F-35 Fighters — 19FortyFive
North Korea's Kim calls for tougher discipline in his military: KCNA — ReutersOriginal Article

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