President Biden Was Against U.S. Airstrikes In Syria Before He Was For It

Joe Biden called Trump 'erratic' and 'impulsive' on June 22, 2019, after it was reported that Trump had considered air strikes on Iran following the downing of a US drone by Tehran over the Strait of Hormuz Daily Mail: Biden and Jen Psaki are branded hypocrites after their old tweets slamming Trump's Middle East air strikes resurface following US bombing raid on Syria that 'killed 22'
* Biden and his press chief attacked Trump's military action in the Middle East * April 2017, Psaki wrote: 'Assad is brutal dictator. But Syria is a sovereign country' * Biden, in June 2019, called Trump 'erratic' and 'impulsive' over tensions with Iran * 'No president should order a military strike without fully understanding the consequences,' he said.
Trump, in fact, pulled out of those air strikes Joe Biden and his press chief have been accused of hypocrisy after old tweets slamming the Trump administration's Middle East air strikes resurfaced following last night's bombing raid on Syria.
The US dropped seven 500-pound precision-guided bombs in a Biden-directed bombardment that reportedly killed 22 Iran-backed militants smuggling weapons at a border crossing with Iraq.
That ferocity has drawn accusations of double standards because Biden previously referred to Donald Trump as 'erratic' and 'impulsive' for threatening to bomb Iran, while press secretary Jen Psaki questioned the legality of attacking Syria.
Update #1: Past Biden, Psaki tweets criticizing Trump resurface after new Syria airstrikes (FOX News) Update #2: Psaki questioned legal basis to bomb Syria years before Biden strike (Business Insider) Joe Biden Syria Airstrike Prompts Hypocrisy Accusations (Newsweek) Update #3: ‘The war machine is back’: Biden reminded of previous criticism of Trump’s ‘escalation’ in Syria after he orders new strike (RT)
WNU Editor: Will this be brought up in today's White House press conference with Jen Psaki?Original Article

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