Former US Navy Official Says More Missiles, Dispersed Forces Are Key To Stopping Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan

A former submarine warfare officer warns two missile types, including the Naval Strike Missile shown here, will not be delivered in sufficient numbers under current U.S. procurements plans to defeat any attempted landing operation by China’s People’s Liberation Army across the Taiwan Strait. (CMC Shannon Renfroe/U.S. Navy)
Defense News: More missiles, dispersed forces are key to stopping Chinese invasion of Taiwan, says former US Navy official
MELBOURNE, Australia — The U.S. military needs to quickly deploy more anti-ship missiles capable of targeting invading forces heading to Taiwan, and ensure American assets within range of Chinese missiles are sufficiently dispersed or hardened against a preemptive strike.
At least that’s the recommendation made by Thomas Shugart, a former U.S. Navy submarine commander, during a Feb. 18 hearing held by the congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.
WNU Editor: This commentator does not believe China is capable of seizing Taiwan by force …. Mainland China is in no position to take Taiwan by force (Cui Lei, East Asia Forum).
As to what is the Pentagon's point of view? They want to make it easier to get and spend money to counter China …. Pentagon’s dated budget process too slow to beat China, new report says (Defense News).Original Article

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