Who’s Got At Least One Covid-19 Vaccine Shot In The World?

WNU Editor's 94 year old mom getting a Moderna vaccine shot. March 2, 2021
Visual Capitalist: COVID-19 Vaccine Doses: Who’s Got At Least One?
With COVID-19 vaccine rollouts well underway in some countries, a return to ‘normal life’ could come sooner than later.
That said, many jurisdictions have experienced serious delays and supply shortages that have made it difficult to distribute COVID-19 vaccine doses to their populations. As of mid-February, 130 countries had not been able to begin vaccinating at all.
This interactive chart from Our World in Data tracks the share of people in each country that have received COVID-19 vaccine doses so far.
WNU Editor: Some good data in the above post. On a personal note. My mother got her first vaccine shot this morning (that is her in the above picture). We were in and out in 30 minutes.Original Article

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