UN Report Says Libya’s Interim PM Was Elected Through Bribes

A UN staff member empties a ballot box after delegates vote for Libya's new interim government during LPDF meeting on 5 February 2021 near Geneva (AFP/United Nations Handout)
The Guardian: Libya's interim PM elected through bribery, UN inquiry says
Abdul Hamid Dbeibah chosen at forum where delegates were reportedly offered up to $500,000
The legitimacy of Libya’s new interim prime minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, has been thrown into doubt by a UN inquiry finding that he allegedly gained power after his supporters offered bribes as high as $200,000 to attract votes.
His supporters allegedly offered the money in a hotel in Tunis where a UN-selected 75-strong political dialogue forum met to elect an interim prime minister to lead a new unified executive towards national elections in the country in December.
Update: Libya peace process threatened by vote-buying allegations (Middle East Monitor)
WNU Editor: And this is the government that is recognized by the international community as legitimate?!?!?!?Original Article

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