Beijing Makes COVID-19 Anal Swabs Mandatory For Foreigners Flying Into China

A diagram used by a Chinese doctor to explain the use of anal tests for Covid-19, a practice which has drawn protests from various foreign governments
Daily Mail: ANYONE flying into China can now be forced to have an anal Covid-19 swab as Beijing expands its testing regime
* All international visitors flying into Beijing are vulnerable to the anal swab tests * In Shanghai they are used when at least five infections are found on a plane * US, Japan, South Korea and Germany have all raised concerns about the tests
China has expanded its use of anal swabs to screen for Covid-19 with anyone flying into Beijing now vulnerable to the tests despite growing protests from foreign governments.
A staffer at a Beijing epidemic control department told Chinese state media that all international arrivals in the capital could be ordered to take the tests by health officials, although they are not compulsory for everyone.
And in Shanghai, travelers from high-risk regions and those who arrive on planes with at least five positive cases must take a full battery of tests, including anal swabs.
Update #1: China makes COVID-19 anal swabs mandatory for foreigners (NYPost) Update #2: Factbox: China's anal tests for coronavirus upset visitors (Reuters)
WNU editor: No kidding …. More Countries Are Getting Mad About China’s COVID Anal Tests (VICE News)Original Article

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