Brazil’s Failure To Contain Its Covid Outbreak Is A Global Threat That May Open The Door To Lethal Variants

A slow roll-out of vaccines Brazil was late to kick off its immunization campaign, and had only 6 million doses at hand when it did and a variant that researchers say appears more contagious has added to concern.(REUTERS)
The Guardian: Brazil's Covid outbreak is global threat that opens door to lethal variants – scientist
Duke University neuroscientist urges international community to challenge Brazilian government over its failure to contain Brazil’s rampant coronavirus outbreak has become a global threat that risks spawning new and even more lethal variants, one of the South American country’s top scientists has warned as it suffered its deadliest day of the pandemic.
Speaking to the Guardian, Miguel Nicolelis, a Duke University neuroscientist who is tracking the crisis, urged the international community to challenge the Brazilian government over its failure to contain an epidemic that has killed more than a quarter of a million Brazilians – about 10% of the global total.
Update #1: Brazil’s COVID Crisis Is a Warning to the Whole World, Scientists Say (San Diego Tribune/New York Times) Update #2: Brazil’s Handling of COVID-19 Is a Global Emergency (America's Quarterly)
WNU Editor: Brazil is not the only country that has failed in containing Covid-19. But their handling of the crisis has been a disaster …. Brazil Hits Record for Covid Deaths as Hospitals Near Collapse (Bloomberg), and with their large population size a definite threat that even more deadlier variants of Covid-19 may develop.
Update #3: Brazil registers record 1,641 Covid-19 deaths in 24 hours (AFP)Original Article

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