Western Powers Drop Censure Measure As Iran Agrees To IAEA Talks

Reuters: Western powers scrap plan for IAEA rebuke of Iran to make space for talks
VIENNA/PARIS (Reuters) – Britain, France and Germany have scrapped a U.S.-backed plan for the U.N. nuclear watchdog to criticise Iran for reducing cooperation with its inspectors, in a bid to avoid escalation and make room for diplomacy, diplomats said on Thursday.
Tehran and Washington have emerged from U.S. President Donald Trump's attempts to wreck Iran's nuclear deal locked in a standoff over who should move first to save it.
Tehran has added to its breaches of the deal's atomic restrictions in protest at U.S. sanctions re-imposed when Trump pulled out of the deal in 2018.
Update #1: Iran and IAEA clear potential roadblock to talks with US on nuclear deal (The Guardian) Update #2: Western powers drop censure plan as Iran agrees to IAEA talks (Al Jazeera)
WNU Editor: With rhetoric like this I do not see any deal happening anytime soon …. Iran Warns Europe, Joe Biden Against 'Political Games' As IAEA Showdown Averted (Newsweek). The first talks are in April …. Iran accepts ‘technical meetings’ with IAEA from early April (Arab News).Original Article

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