U.S. Navy’s Zumwalt Destroyer Passes Its Rough Sea Tests

A view from the Bridge on destroyer Zumwalt during heavy seas testing late in 2020. (Photo: Navy)
Defense News: The stealth destroyer Zumwalt sails through rough seas testing
WASHINGTON – The stealth destroyer Zumwalt aced its rough seas testing, leaders from Naval Sea Systems Command said in a recent release.
Engineers from the Naval Surface Warfare Centers Carderock Division and Philadelphia Division carried out tests late last year on Zumwalt as part of the ship’s Performance and Special Trials, which are conducted on the lead ship of every class to test how the ship behaves in various sea conditions.
Update: Debate Over Navy's Zumwalt Destroyer's Seakeeping Abilities Doused After Rough Seas Tests (Warzone/The Drive)
WNU Editor: The next step for the Zumwalt Destroyer is to put weapons on her …. EXCLUSIVE Eying China, CNO Plans Hypersonics & Lasers On Zumwalt Destroyers (Breaking Defense)Original Article

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