US Army Considers Weapons For Its Future Helicopters

A US Army AH-64 Apache with M299 missile launchers on the inboard pylons on its stub wings. One of the launchers has a single Hellfire missile loaded onto it. US Army
Warzone/The Drive: Northrop Grumman Reveals Sky Viper Chain Gun And New Suicide Drone For Future Helicopters
Swarming loitering munitions, fast-firing cannons, and other new capabilities are core components of the Army's Future Vertical Lift initiative.
Northrop Grumman is working on a new loitering munition, a type of weapon also commonly known as a "suicide drone," as well as other technologies, to meet requirements the U.S. Army has outlined as part of its Air Launch Effects program, or ALE. The company is also developing a 20mm derivative of the 30mm M230 chain gun, dubbed Sky Viper. All of this is related to the Army's Future Vertical Lift effort, or FVL, which is seeking various types of new rotary-wing aircraft with advanced capabilities to replace various existing helicopters that the service operates now.
Update #1: Northrop unveils new ‘Sky Viper’ chain gun as US Army considers weapons for future helos (Defense News) Update #2: Northrop Launches Sky Chain Viper Gun, Suicide Drone for Future Vertical Lift Effort of the Army (Tech Times)
WNU Editor: The suicide drone capability will be an interesting add-on for the US Army's helicopter fleet.Original Article

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