Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 11, 2021

FOX News: US losing military edge in Asia as China looks like it is planning for war: US Indo-Pacific Command chief
'I cannot for the life of me understand some of the capabilities that they're putting in the field, unless it is an aggressive posture'
The head of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command told lawmakers this week that the U.S. is losing its edge over the Chinese military as the People’s Republic of China faces weakening international deterrence.
Testifying for the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday, Admiral Philip Davidson, head of Indo-Pacific command, warned against an increasing "imbalance" in the region brought on by China’s rapid military advance.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 11, 2021
Beijing has a plethora of military options against Taiwan after 2022 — Lyle J. Goldstein, The Hill
US provided some info, equipment to India during its border crisis with China: Pentagon Commander — The Tribune
Royal Navy in the Pacific: An ally against China, where we need it –– Seth Cropsey, The Hill
Task Force Calls for Permanent National Guard Force to Protect DC —
Pentagon working group to address climate change as national security threat — UPI
Pentagon carrying out an urgent review to determine which bases are 'high-risk' for sexual assault — CNN
The US ‘On Course’ To Become 1st Nation To Field Sixth-Gen Fighter Jet? — EurAsian Times
The Air Force’s F-15E ‘Bomb Truck’ Can Now Carry 15 JDAMs — Sandboxx News
U.S. Army Paratroopers conducts off-road driver’s training with AGMVs in Italy — Defence blog
Pentagon Mulling Aircraft Carrier Reduction as Part of FY 2022 Budget Review — USNI News
Navy Optimizing Shipyards With Digital Twin Technology (Updated) — National Defense
U.S. Navy to award contract for submarine-launched drones — Defence Blog
Bed bug infestation afflicts USS Connecticut, moored at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton — Kitsap Sun
US Navy plans to buy 120 submarine-launched Blackwing UAVs — Flight Global
Coast Guard icebreaker Polar Star is running out of spare parts — Business Insider
Pentagon awards $160M in contracts to Musk's SpaceX — The Hill
JUST IN: Top Army Intelligence Official Lays Out Priorities — National Defense
U.S. intelligence agency to buy three heavy-lift drones to install LiDAR sensors — Defence Blog
Get US ‘AI Ready’ By 2025: JAIC’s Lt. Gen. Groen, NSCAI’s McFarland — Breaking Defense
U.S. Commander Skeptical on North Korea’s Claim of New Missile — Bloomberg
U.S. commander: North Korea posing 'persistent challenges' with weapons — UPI
NATO must reduce military emissions — Jens Stoltenberg — DW
Botched military helo tender shall remain kaput, German court rules — Defense News
F-35B jets land on HMS Queen Elizabeth — UK Defence Journal
Why Is The UK Looking To ‘Drastically Reduce’ F-35 Stealth Jets From Its Air Force? — EurAsian Times
WATCH Russian strategic bombers fly over Japanese Sea during 9-hour long mission — RT
Roll on to Red Square! Russia set to showcase next-gen T-14 Armata battle tanks in military parade marking defeat of Nazi Germany — RT
China’s Second Type 055 Stealthy Missile Cruiser, Lhasa, Enters Service — Sputnik
Chinese Hackers Blamed for Massive Microsoft Server Hack — AP
Lebanon's collapse piles strain on army, security forces — Reuters
The 100,000 Ton US Navy Ship That Iran Is Copying — Naval News
Turkey’s New Unmanned Chopper T629 Looks Strikingly Similar To Indian Light Combat Helicopter — EurAsian Times
Turkey Not Ruling Out Buying Russia's Fifth-Gen Jet, Turkish Industry Minister Says — Sputnik
US urged to cut military aid to Egypt amid worsening crackdown on dissent — Middle East EyeOriginal Article

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