Is AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine Safe? Sixteen Countries Have Suspended Its Use

Daily Mail: 'Our vaccine IS safe': Boris Johnson furiously defends AstraZeneca's Covid jab as Germany becomes the seventh EU country to suspend it over 'blood clots' – amid growing anger at Brussels for attacking vaccine in 'Brexit revenge'
* Russia has reached agreements with factories in Italy, Spain, France and Germany to make Sputnik V jabs * Kirill Dmitriev, head of the foundation which bank-rolled the jab, said supplies are intended for use in Europe * European regulators are reviewing Sputnik V for approval in and effort to boost the EU's slow jab roll-out * While reaching out to Russia, European countries have been rejecting British-made AstraZeneca jabs – with Ireland and the Netherlands becoming the latest countries to stop using it over fears about blood clots * Move comes despite Covid cases rising and lockdowns tightening in Italy, with Paris also facing tighter curbs
Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon today mounted a staunch defence of the AstraZeneca vaccine after Germany became the latest EU state to pause its use.
The PM insisted the jabs are 'both safe and effective' while the First Minister urged Britons to keep coming forward, pointing to 'significant and growing evidence of the benefits' in terms of saving lives, preventing symptoms and curbing transmission.
The EU now looks set to embrace Russia's Sputnik V Covid jab even as its leaders shun British-made AstraZeneca vaccines, with multiple countries halting its use over fears it could cause blood clots.
Update #1: Germany suspends AstraZeneca vaccine amid clotting concerns (AP) Update #2: AstraZeneca vaccine suspended in France and Germany amid blood clot fears as UK vows it’s safe (The SUN)
WNU Editor: AstroZeneca and UK regulators are saying the vaccine is safe …. Covid-19 vaccine is safe, say AstraZeneca and UK regulator (Times of India). More here …. AstraZeneca: No evidence of link between vaccine, blood clots (The Hill).
Here are the 18 countries that have suspended its use:
France Germany Italy Netherlands IrelandIcelandDenmark Norway Bulgaria LuxembourgEstonia Latvia LithuaniaAustria Romania Thailand Democratic Republic of Congo IndonesiaOriginal Article

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