China Pushes To Have Nuclear Aircraft Carriers

Liaoning, China's first aircraft carrier. REUTERS/Bobby Yip
SCMP: China is looking for 'a significant breakthrough' by making its next aircraft carrier nuclear-powered
* "Shipbuilders and ship propulsion engineers are keen on making a significant breakthrough" with China's fourth aircraft carrier, a person close to the Chinese Navy said. * But pursuing a nuclear power system for the next carrier would be a "bold decision that is full of challenges," a second source said.
China's next aircraft carrier is likely to be nuclear powered, according to two people close to the People's Liberation Army (PLA).
After a two-year delay because of technical problems, construction work on the vessel resumed earlier this year, the South China Morning Post reported in January, citing a military source.
"Shipbuilders and ship propulsion engineers are keen on making a significant breakthrough with the construction of the fourth carrier," a source close to the Chinese navy said on condition of anonymity.
WNU Editor: Chinese is determined to have a "blue navy", and a navy to match the U.S.. To do so nuclear powered aircraft carriers are a must.Original Article

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