U.S. Forces On Alert For Possible North Korea Missile Test

NBC: North Korea could soon test new intercontinental missile, U.S. general testifies
"Now they’re up to three missiles that we assess could strike our homeland,” head of U.S. Northern Command says, but, “I think we have a good posture for deterrence.”
North Korea might start flight testing an improved intercontinental ballistic missile “in the near future,” the head of U.S. Northern Command said Tuesday.
“The North Korean regime has also indicated that it is no longer bound by the unilateral nuclear and ICBM testing moratorium announced in 2018, suggesting that Kim Jong Un may begin flight testing an improved ICBM design in the near future,” Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck told the Senate Armed Services Committee.
North Korea three years ago had promised a unilateral freeze on ICBM tests and nuclear weapons tests.
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