Biden Administration Has Started A Review Of The US Military’s Global Force Posture

A US Marine stands guard at Bagram airport, north of Kabul, March 2, 2002. REUTERS/Mario Laporta
Business Insider: Biden wants the military's footprint to be 'correctly sized,' and it may mean deciding which bases really matter
* The Biden administration has started a review of the US military's global force posture. * The review comes amid increasing calls for a reduction of US military bases overseas. * Many would welcome fewer bases, but critics say a change in strategy is also needed.
The Biden administration in February launched a review of the US military's global presence to ensure it "is correctly sized and supports strategy."
That review, set to finish by mid-year, comes as the administration balances ongoing military obligations with its focus on China as "the pacing challenge."
The result may be a reduction of the sprawling network of US bases overseas, which activists, lawmakers, and even the US's top military officer say is warranted.
WNU Editor: Former President Trump was blasted when he pushed to withdraw and/or downgrade US military commitments abroad. Will the Biden administration receive the same criticism?Original Article

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