Is The U.S. Government Silencing Critics Of Their Economic Policies?

Tweeting and getting in the news lately apparently has caused the SEC to pay us a visit. Lovely. #nomoretweets

— Cassandra (@michaeljburry) March 18, 2021

Business Insider: 'Big Short' investor Michael Burry says he'll stop tweeting after SEC regulators paid him a visit
* Michael Burry's Twitter habit led to a visit from federal regulators. * "The Big Short" investor has blasted Tesla, bitcoin, Robinhood, and meme-stock buyers. * Burry indicated that he's not planning to tweet anymore.
Michael Burry's incendiary tweets have piqued the interest of federal regulators, the investor revealed this week.
"Tweeting and getting in the news lately apparently has caused the SEC to pay us a visit," the Scion Asset Management boss said in a now-deleted tweet.
"Lovely," he continued, adding the hashtag "#nomoretweets."
He also linked to the song "Lovely" by Suicidal Tendencies, a hardcore punk band, and changed the header image on his Twitter profile to a pile of bricks.
WNU Editor: If true …. and I have no reason to doubt Michael Burry, this is a worrisome development.
Bottom line. What is happening to the U.S.?
More here …. Michael 'Big Short' Burry Says He Will Stop Tweeting After SEC "Paid Us A Visit" (Zero Hedge).Original Article

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