Australia Breaks-Up Spy Ring

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation ASIO Director General Mike Burgess gave his annual speech at ASIO headquarters. Credit: MICK TSIKAS/AAPIMAGE
Daily Mail: Australian Associated Press: ASIO smashes foreign spy nest that successfully recruited a government official – but China was NOT behind the espionage ring
* Foreign spies numbering in the double figures have been kicked out of Australia * In 2020 ASIO investigated a 'nest' of foreign spies not believed to be from China * They were targeting relationships with current and former politicians * Group successfully recruited an Australian government security holder Australia's domestic intelligence agency
ASIO has shown the door to foreign spies numbering in 'double figures' over the past year.
Australian Security Intelligence Organization director-general Mike Burgess on Wednesday delivered his second annual threat assessment in Canberra.
He said espionage and foreign interference continued to be levelled at not only the federal government but all Australian states and territories.
Update #1: ASIO removes ‘nest’ of foreign spies from Australia after ‘sensitive’ targets uncovered (7 News) Update #2: Australia rumbles 'nest of spies' targeting defence tech (France 24)
WNU Editor: Australia's spy chief was very clear that China was not behind this spy ring. But he choose to not name what country these foreign spies were working for.Original Article

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