China’s Military Deploying VR Tech To Train Its Soldiers

Soldiers in a brigade attached to the 83rd Group Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army conduct virtual reality exercises. Photo: Screenshot from China Central Television
Global Times: PLA deploys VR tech for more efficient training
The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has started to use virtual reality (VR) technologies in training as it allows officers and soldiers to gain enhanced combat capability more efficiently, analysts said on Monday.
A logistics support unit affiliated with the PLA Northern Theater Command Navy recently held a wartime fuel support drill. But unlike usual, the drill did not take place at a dock, but in a simulation room, in which the participants used VR simulators to practice the disassembly of equipment, location of malfunctions and fixing of pipelines, the PLA Daily reported on Sunday.
WNU Editor: The Chinese military are not the only ones who are pursuing this type of training …. Pentagon Eyeing More Advanced Virtual, Augmented Reality Headwear (National Defense).Original Article

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