High-Performance U.S. Air Force Target Drone Found On Florida Beach

BREAKING: Military drone washes up on beach at Ocean Ridge Hammock Park https://t.co/JXMYTAdXcP pic.twitter.com/rHW5Dyv94p

— WPTV (@WPTV) March 19, 2021

Daily Mail: 20ft US Air Force drone washes ashore on Florida beach after being shot down in target practice
* A military drone washed ashore at Ocean Hammock Park, Florida on Friday * Air Force officials confirmed the BQM-167A drone belonged to the 53rd Wing * The unmanned aircraft had been shot down during target practice after being launched from Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City * Ocean Ridge Police removed the drone and returned it to the Air Force later that afternoon
A 20-foot-long US Air Force drone briefly caused a scare in Florida on Friday after washing ashore at a local beach.
The massive orange drone, which are used as aerial targets for fighter pilots, was discovered by beachgoers at Ocean Hammond Park near Boynton Beach, authorities said.
Ocean Ridge Police officers were called to the scene after bystanders feared the aircraft could have been a missile or a bomb.
Update #1: Air Force target drone, shot down in Gulf of Mexico, washes ashore in southern Florida (Air Force Times) Update #2: High-Performance Target Drone Washes Up On Florida Beach (Updated) (Warzone/The Drive)
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