Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 22, 2021

ABC News (Australia): US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin promises 'responsible end' to war in Afghanistan
US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has said the Biden administration wants to see "a responsible end" to America's longest war, in Afghanistan, but that the level of violence must drop for "fruitful" diplomacy to have a chance.
With questions swirling about how long US troops will remain in the country, Mr Austin — on his first visit to Afghanistan as Pentagon chief — said that "in terms of an end date or setting a specific date for withdrawal, that's the domain of my boss".
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 22, 2021
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan — UPI
U.S., NATO Allies to Discuss Plans to End War in Afghanistan — WSJ
Battle heats up over Pentagon spending plans — The Hill
Rogers: Proposed cuts to military spending ‘my biggest concern’ — Space News
Lawmaker wants to strip benefits from veterans involved in January’s attack on Congress — Military Times
US Navy inks deal for a tenth Virginia-class submarine — Defense News
Columbia Submarine Program Challenges Supply Chains — National Defense
Drones Could One Day Make Up 40% of a Carrier Air Wing, Navy Says — Defense One
Fire Scout Tested for Potential Anti-Sub Mission — National Defense
USS Philippine Sea back in action after stop for COVID-19 vaccinations — UPI
Lockheed Martin Shutters 2 Navy Plants, Heralding New Technology On The Waterfront — Forbes
HASC Cites ‘Enormous Concern’ About F-35; Readiness Chair Suggests Buy Cutback — Air Force Magazine
Race for a USAF hypersonic missile on track — Asia Times
JUST IN: Army Aims to Develop Light Electric Vehicle By 2025 — National Defense
Army Outlines Ambitious Schedule For Robots, Armor — Breaking Defense
The U.S. Military Is Getting Ready to Fight A New Kind of War — National Interest
Pentagon Wants New Command and Control System to Counter Hypersonic and Cruise Missile Threat — Sputnik
Austin hints India’s purchase of Russian missile system could trigger sanctions — Politico
Plans underway for UNITAS 2021 U.S.-South American naval exercises — UPI
Jordan Reveals New Defense Agreement That Allows Free Entry of American Forces Into Kingdom – Report — Sputnik
US, Belgium, France and Japan hold Mideast naval exercise — AP
US close-in reconnaissance on China hits new record amid PLA live-fire exercises — Global Times
China's refitted Sovremenny-class destroyer conducts exercises as combat capability improved — Global Times
Pentagon chief, Japanese counterpart agreed to cooperate on Taiwan: report — The Hill
One pilot dead after two F-5E fighter jets collide in Taiwan — UPI
Taiwan to deploy upgraded F-16 jets, says air chief — Defense News
Here’s what to expect in Taiwan’s new defense review — Defense News
Nuclear Notebook: How many nuclear weapons does Russia have in 2021? — Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Proposed US submarine-hunting plane prompts hand-wringing in Germany — Defense News
Study: NATO Needs Its Own Bank — National Defense
Two Saudi companies to produce Turkish drones — Defense News
Preserving America’s Space Dominance over China and Russia — Michael Campanelli, RCDOriginal Article

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