Russian President Putin Brings Defense Minister Shoigu For Pre-Planned Getaway In Remote Siberian Wilderness (VIDEO)

RT: After Biden snubs debate offer, Putin brings defense minister Shoigu for pre-planned getaway in remote Siberian wilderness (VIDEO)
Russian President Vladimir Putin has spent the weekend in Siberia following a turbulent week in which his US counterpart, Joe Biden, suggested he was "a killer" and subsequently refused a challenge to have a live streamed debate.
The Kremlin, which released the images of Putin’s trip on Sunday, would not disclose where exactly the president went.
However, a good guess would be the Republic of Tuva, the home region of Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, who accompanied him during the getaway.
Update #1: Putin Pilots Bumpy All-Terrain Rig on Siberian Holiday (Moscow Times/AFP) Update #2: Putin poses in sheepskin after Biden called him a ‘killer’ (NYPost)
WNU Editor: A full video on Russian President Putin's getaway is below from Russia 24.
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