Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — March 22, 2021

BBC: Covid: The countries that nailed it, and what we can learn from them
Covid-19 has shaken the world, with more than 2.5 million deaths and 115 million cases confirmed. BBC Panorama's Jane Corbin has scoured the globe to find the best examples of strategies for combating the virus.
I have reported on Covid for the past year – now my mission was to find out from global leaders and senior health officials across four continents what their priorities were in tackling the virus.
Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — March 22, 2021
Why is the Biden administration more interested in confrontation than cooperation? — Harlan Ullman, The Hill
With Eye on China, India and US Pledge Deeper Strategic Partnership — Anjana Pasricha, VOA
Why the US should care about the China-India 'blackout war' — Peter Pry, The Hill
Republicans should listen to Israel's spies on the Iran nuclear deal — Marik Von rennenkampff, The Hill
Israel needs the B-52 and MOP in order to deter Iran — Ehud Eilam, Jerusalem Post
Syria pays the price of resistance — Chandra Muzaffar, Asia Times
Myanmar coup: Mass protests fail to attract global solidarity — Rodion Ebbighausen, DW
A decade after the Arab Spring, Libyans still struggle — France 24
The Sahel: Terror, poverty and climate change — AFP
Special Ops Aren’t A Substitute For Strategy — Stewart Parker and Ari Cicurel, Breaking Defense
Overstimulated? Stocks soar 75% in historic 12-month run — Stan Choe, AP
Half of the global population will face water shortages by 2050 — France 24Original Article

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