Heavily Armed Jihadis Massacre 137 Villagers In Niger

The three villages targeted in Sunday's massacre are located in the arid Tahoua region in western Niger, abutting the Tillaberi region in a border zone notorious for jihadist attacks
Daily Mail: Heavily armed jihadis on motorbikes massacre 137 villagers in Niger: Gunmen 'shot anything that moved' in horrifying raid
* Villages in the Tahoua region of western Niger were targeted in Sunday's attack * The attack is the deadliest ever committed by suspected jihadists in Niger * The country is also struggling with Islamist insurgencies from Mali and Nigeria
Scores of villagers have been killed by motorbike-riding gunmen in the deadliest jihadist massacre ever to hit Niger.
Government spokesman Zakaria Abdourahamane said 137 people had died in Sunday's raids in villages in the Tahoua region, near Niger's border with Mali.
Gunmen arriving on motorbikes attacked the villages of Intazayene, Bakorat and Wistane on Sunday, shooting 'at everything which moved,' a local official said.
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