Three Russian Nuclear Bomber Servicemen Are Killed When Their Ejector Seats Accidentally Go Off Before Take-Off

The Тu-22М3's crew members were killed when the emergency ejection system malfunctioned, state news agencies said.Marina Lystseva / TASS
RT: 3 crew dead after catapults accidentally triggered during Tu-22M3 strategic bomber launch in Russia
Three people have been killed after the ejection system of a Tu-22M3 bomber aircraft went off during pre-flight preparations outside west-Russian city of Kaluga, the country’s military has said.
The deadly accident was reported by Russian media on Tuesday and confirmed by the Ministry of Defence shortly afterwards.
The military aircraft’s ejection system activated during pre-flight preparations, sending three pilots to their deaths.
WNU Editor: there are now some reports that are saying one of the crewmembers survived …. One crewmember survives incident with Tu-22M3 bomber near Kaluga, says source (TASS).
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