Coalition Aircraft Batter ISIS With 133 Airstrikes In Iraq Over 10 Days

Air Force Magazine: Coalition Aircraft Batter ISIS with 133 Airstrikes in Iraq
U.S.-led coalition aircraft recently conducted a major offensive against the Islamic State group in northern Iraq, conducting 133 airstrikes over 10 days targeting a cave complex that served as a safe haven for terrorists. That’s more than any monthly airstrike total in Iraq and Syria since 2019.
The offensive, in support of Iraqi ground forces, destroyed 61 hideouts, 24 caves, and eliminated “a number of terrorists,” said Col. Wayne Marotto, spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve.
Iraqi Ministry of Defense spokesman Yehia Rasool said the mission was aimed at drying up the sources of terrorism. The Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service led the ground effort.
Update: VIDEO: US-led Coalition warplanes strike ISIS positions near Iraq’s disputed Makhmour (Kurdistan 24)
WNU editor: The last time there were this many coalition airstrikes was in Iraq in 2019.
Update #2: The US airstrikes are continuing …. Coalition airstrikes hit 39 ISIS positions in Qarachogh near Makhmour (Kurdistan 24).Original Article

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