Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 23, 2021

A B-1B bomber at Ørland Airport to train with Norwegian forces on March 13. Andrea Bekk Johansen/Norwegian Armed Forces
Business Insider: With 'historic' bomber flights on opposite sides of the planet, the US Air Force is sending a message to friends and foes
* US Air Force bombers landed in Norway and India in February for history-making deployments. * Those operations reflect the increasing frequency and reach of the Air Force's bomber operations. * Some observers are skeptical that the message the Air Force is trying to send is being received.
February was a historic month for US Air Force bombers, with two first-of-their-kind operations on opposite sides of the globe.
On February 3, a B-1 bomber and 40 airmen deployed to the Aero India trade show in southern India.
A US bomber was last in India in 1945, when it was still under British rule, making this a first for the Republic of India.
The event included the first US bomber flyover with an Indian fighter jet – "a very significant moment" in US-India military ties, Lt. Col. Michael Fessler, the lead US demonstration pilot at Aero India, said in a release.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 23, 2021
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