North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Missiles Over The Weekend. President Biden Says It Was Just ‘Business As Usual’

CNN: North Korea conducts first weapons test of Biden's presidency
Washington (CNN)North Korea has carried out its first weapons test since President Joe Biden took office, according to three US officials, launching two projectiles last weekend in a move senior administration officials downplayed as falling "on the low end of the spectrum" of provocative actions the regime could carry out.
The test had been widely expected, as officials and experts have long anticipated that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would attempt to send a message to the Biden administration about the country's importance in the region.
One US official told CNN that North Korea had launched short-range projectiles, possibly artillery or cruise missiles, not ballistic missiles — a key distinction that underscores the Biden administration's view that it does not qualify as a serious breach and will not prevent the US from pursuing diplomacy with Pyongyang.
WNU Editor: The US says it still wants to talk …. North Korea launches missiles, but U.S. still wants to talk (Politico).
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