Son Of Assassinated Afghan Commander Ahmad Shah Warns Of Civil War If U.S. Troops Leave Hastily

France 24: Son of slain Afghan commander Massoud warns of 'civil war' if US troops leave hastily
Ahmad Massoud, the son of Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Massoud who was assassinated by al Qaeda two days before the 9/11 attacks, granted an interview to FRANCE 24 in Paris.
Massoud expressed concern at the prospect of US troops leaving the country in May, warning that a rushed exit would lead to "civil war" in Afghanistan.
He also condemned last year's deal reached between the US and the Taliban, calling it a mistake.
WNU Editor: Afghanistan has been in the grips of a civil war for years. But he is right that it is the U.S. and the international coalition that is the glue that keeps everything together. If they leave, the ethnic and religious differences that are Afghanistan will fracture into different groups.Original Article

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