U.S. Admiral Nominated To Lead Pacific Operations Says The Navy Doesn’t Need Another Carrier Right Now

Ships from the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group and the America Expeditionary Strike Group transit the South China Sea on March 15, 2020. (US Navy)
Military.com: The Navy Doesn't Need Another Carrier Right Now, Admiral Nominated to Lead Pacific Ops Says
The U.S. has the number of aircraft carriers it needs to meet requirements across the globe — unless "additional challenges show themselves," the four-star admiral nominated to oversee military operations in the Asia-Pacific region said.
The 11 aircraft carriers in the military's arsenal — as currently required by law — are what the force needs, Adm. John Aquilino said during a Tuesday Senate confirmation hearing.
Aquilino has been nominated to lead U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.
Update: The Navy doesn't need another aircraft carrier right now, admiral nominated to lead Pacific operations says (Business Insider)
WNU Editor: Adm. John Aquilino knows that budget cuts/freezes are on the horizon. His focus is on building smaller ships, new technologies, and missiles …. lots of missiles.Original Article

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