U.S., Japan, And South Korea Say North Korea Fired Two Short-Range Ballistic Missiles Thursday Morning

TV screens show news broadcast at the Yongsan electronics market in Seoul on Thursday
Daily Mail: North Korea 'fires ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan', claims Tokyo, days after Biden 'laughed off' their previous test as 'business as usual'
* Japan's Defense Ministry has confirmed North Korea fired two ballistic missiles * The short-range missiles launched Thursday morning, local time * They were fired from Wonsan on North Korea's east coast, facing Sea of Japan * The missiles flew around 155 miles, the Defense Ministry said * The UN bans North Korea from ballistic activities, but not cruise missile tests * On Sunday North Korea launched two cruise missiles, considered a 'low' threat * Sunday's launches were North Korea's first missile firings since April 2020 * Biden called Sunday's launch 'business as usual' and shrugged it off * Efforts by the Biden administration to resume dialogue have been rebuffed
North Korea has fired its first ballistic missiles in a year, Japan's Defense Ministry confirmed – a move likely to increase tensions after it fired its first cruise missiles at the weekend.
The two short-range ballistic missiles were launched from North Korea on Thursday, local time – fired from Wonsan on North Korea's eastern coast facing the Sea of Japan.
The Defense Ministry reported the news on Wednesday night in the U.S. and said the missiles were believed to have flown about 155 miles before falling into waters off North Korea's east coast.
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