Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 25, 2021

BREAKING: @RepAdamSmith tells audience that the Biden admin has decided they will not be bringing troops from Afghanistan by the May 1 deadline. @matthew_petti :

— Responsible Statecraft (@RStatecraft) March 24, 2021

The Hill: Top Dem: 'Dangerous' to withdraw from Afghanistan by May 1
Fully withdrawing from Afghanistan by May 1 would be "dangerous," the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said Wednesday.
At an event hosted by Foreign Policy, Chairman Adam Smith (D-Wash.) added that based on his conversations with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and national security adviser Jake Sullivan, the “general feeling” in the Biden administration is that the deadline is “too soon” to withdraw.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 25, 2021
Top Democrat reveals US will miss Afghanistan withdrawal deadline, says Biden will ask Taliban for ‘more time’ — RT
Washington’s battle over nuclear weapons budget already underway — Defense News
Hypersonic Research Funding Skyrockets as DOD Looks to Push Capability to the Field — Air Force Magazine
Lockheed, Northrop to compete for Next Generation Interceptor program — UPI
The KC-46’s Long & Winding Road –– RCD
More Missions, Fewer Resources: Biden Revives a Failed Defense Recipe — Federico Bartels, Heritage Foundation
Army Units to Deploy with Less Equipment, Use More Prepositioned War Stocks for Missions —
U.S. military must accelerate use of artificial intelligence, JAIC chief says — UPI
Carrier Woes: The Navy’s Fighters Can’t Reach China — SandBoxx
What should become of the Zumwalt class? The US Navy has some big ideas. — Navy Times
US Navy Still Considering Bringing Back US 1st Fleet —
Changes for military in Hawaii include additional unmanned aerial vehicles — UPI
US Chief lays out Army role in the future fight across the globe — Army Times
Think Tank Urges Pentagon to Face ‘Unvarnished Reality’ of Coming Budget ‘Modernization Crunch’ — Sputnik
Army Extremism Training Gets Mixed Reviews from Soldiers — and Stripes
Marine Injured in Skydiving Accident at Bellows — Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Space Force begins loaning anti-jamming GPS tech to allies — C4ISRNet
INDOPACOM commander nominee voices concern about China, Taiwan — UPI
Pentagon official: Trump's Somalia withdrawal 'probably' had 'significant downsides' — The Hill
France, U.S., others participate in Group Arabian Sea Warfare Exercise — UPI
USS Monterey leaves Black Sea after NATO exercise, Romanian port visit — UPI
EU Creates 5 Billion Euro Military Overseas Intervention Fund… to Promote Peace and Security — Sputnik
Germany's long military mission in Afghanistan — DW
Unable to win on battlefield, West is now waging ‘mental war’ against Russian civilization, Moscow’s Ministry of Defense claims — RT
Beware the Bear in the Pacific — Steve Raaymakers, The Strategist
China Developing Hypersonic Swarms To Overwhelm Missile Defenses — Forbes
North Korea fires 2 suspected ballistic missiles into sea — DW
Japan protests 'East Sea' reference after North Korea missile launch — UPI
Taiwan begins mass production of long-range missile amid China tensions — ABC News (Australia)
COVID: Pakistan comes under fire for holding Republic Day military parade — DWOriginal Article

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