U.S., Taiwan Sign Coast Guard Deal To Counter Chinese Naval Pressure

In this May 4, 2019, file photo, Taiwan Coast Guard ships and a helicopter take part in a search-and-rescue operation during an offshore anti-terrorism drill at a harbor in New Taipei City, Taiwan. China on Friday denounced an agreement between the U.S. and Taiwanese coast guards that underscores growing ties between Washington and the self-governing island democracy. (AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying, File)
Taiwan News: Taiwan-US coast guard agreement aims to halt Chinese military expansion
Analyst Su Tzu-yun recommends flexible countermeasures like sonic weapons to deter Chinese ships
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Commenting on the Taiwan-U.S. coast guard cooperation memorandum of cooperation that will be signed today, a senior analyst at the Institute of National Defense and Security Research, Su Tzu-yun said on Thursday (March 25) the agreement aims to counter China’s expansion and symbolizes the clarification of America’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific.
Su said that with the passing of its Coast Guard Law in late January, Beijing is attempting to strengthen its control over surrounding waters and the disputed islands in the South China Sea. The new law grants the coast guard “all necessary means” to stop foreign vessels, including the use of weapons aboard Chinese ships in the area.
WNU Editor: China has responded to this U.S.-Taiwan Coast Guard agreement …. China denounces US-Taiwan coast guard cooperation agreement (AP)
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