Is It A Big Deal That President Biden Does Not Know The Afghan President’s Name?

Sputnik: 'How Master Treats His Slaves': Biden Faces Backlash After Getting Afghan President's Name Wrong
Biden said the US would likely fail to meet the 1 May deadline to pull out American troops from Afghanistan, but added that he couldn't "picture" American military presence in the country next year.
US President Joe Biden has become the butt of social media jokes after he mistakenly referred to Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani as "Kayani" during his first press conference since taking office in January.
WNU editor: The wrong name is said at the 1:02 mark in the above video. To me this is just another mistake among many from the US President. But The White House is taking this seriously. They just scrubbed this from the official transcript …. White House appears to scrub Biden gaffe from transcript after calling Afghan president wrong name (FOX News).Original Article

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