Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 29, 2021

Stranded ship Ever Given is seen after it ran aground, in Suez Canal, Egypt March 28, 2021. Suez Canal Authority/Handout via REUTERS
NYPost: Pentagon says Suez Canal traffic impacted US military vessel movement
The traffic caused by the massive container ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal will impact the movement of US military vessels, the Pentagon said in a statement.
Toward the end of the Ever Given’s seven-day stint blocking the canal — which caused delays for over 365 ships carrying an array of goods — a Navy spokeswoman told The Hill that it would not comment on “specific operational impacts” while acknowledging that the longer the problem persisted, the greater its impacts would be.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 29, 2021
SecDef briefed on military space programs, threats to satellites — Space News
Classified US military war game set to take place as concerns about threats posed by China and Russia increase — CNN
U.S. Navy received its first Block V Tomahawk missile — Defence-Blog
Lockheed Martin wins $2.76B Army contract for guided missile rockets — UPI
F-35 threatened by Pentagon budget crunch — Washington Times
US military conducted 2 dozen cyber operations to head off 2020 election meddling — C4ISRNet
General says attacks by foreign hackers are ‘clarion call’ — AP
Pentagon's Extremist Handbook Tells Military to Be on Lookout for Pepe the Frog — Daily Beast
Biden may keep Trump policy that upped drone exports: Report — Al Jazeera
Bid to take back 'forever war' authority advances in U.S. Congress — Reuters
Space Force finalizing plan to procure broadband from low-orbit satellites — Space News
Military and spy agencies accused of stiff-arming investigators on UFO sightings — Politico
DOD Expects Vaccines Available to All Troops by May 1 — Air Force Magazine
Puerto Rico cleanup by U.S. military will take more than a decade — NBC/AP
Semi-autonomous robot dogs helps the U.S. Air Force to improve bases security — Defence-blog
Shortage of military working dogs a US national security risk, report warns — FOX News
France readies to offer Rafale fighter jets to Ukraine — Defence-blog
Inside story: the battle to build Britain's new £41bn nuclear submarines — The Telegraph
U.S. wages psychologicial war on Moscow – Russian defense adviser — Reuters
Three Russian Ballistic Missile Submarines Just Surfaced Through The Arctic Ice Together — Warzone/The Drive
Putin Praises Russian Military Arctic Exercise — VOA
Why the Russian Navy Loves Hypersonic Missiles — National Interest
Chinese Defense Minister visits Europe to boost military ties, ‘future joint military drills, exchanges likely’ — Global Times
Chinese warplane firm lays out plans for new stealth fighter & next-gen aircraft — Global Times
China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Has a Problem — National Interest
PLA's largest near-Taiwan exercise features bombers to island's east, 'blocks foreign interventions' — Global Times
Chinese Aerial Armada With Bombers, Fighters, And More Filled Airspace Near Taiwan — Warzone/The Drive
David vs Goliath: How Space-Based Assets Can Give Taiwan an Edge — The Diplomat
Major boost for Indian Air Force, 10 Rafales to join fleet by next month — Zee News
N. Korea launch was new 'tactical guided projectile': Pyongyang — AFP
North Korean submarine capable of firing missiles being watched, Seoul says — UPI
Why South Korea’s Aircraft Carrier Makes Sense — The Diplomat
Amid war, Ukraine tries to boost arms sales — Al JazeeraOriginal Article

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