Suez Canal Blockage Shows How Dependent The World Economy Is To A Few Global Chokepoints

DW: Suez Canal blockage: 4 of the biggest trade chokepoints
A giant container ship blocking the Suez Canal has put the vulnerabilities of global trade center stage. DW looks at the major shipping routes most at risk from unforeseen events.
The Ever Given, a 400-meter (1,300-foot) container ship got stranded in Egypt's Suez Canal on Tuesday and has since been blocking the vital maritime passageway between Asia and Europe.
The suspension of traffic through the narrow channel has deepened problems for world trade already disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.
Dozens of ships — including several oil tankers — are now waiting either side of the canal, according to Refinitiv shipping data, while several others have been rerouted. That is likely to add up to 15 days to their journey.
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